Nonprofit Events

You’re busy saving the world, so we’re here for the assist!

From fundraising events, benefit concerts, film festivals, galas, and more the LES team is here to support your mission. We know it’s difficult saving the world with a budget, but we specialize in making the impossible possible with our selection of services supporting Nonprofit Organizations.

Event Formats

  • Award Dinners
  • Board of Directors & Executive Team Building
  • Conferences, Seminars, Summits & Workshops
  • Fashion Shows
  • Film Festival
  • Galas
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Street Festivals

Event Services

  • Budget and Contract Management
  • Décor Concept, Design and Layout of Event Space
  • Entertainment and Speaker Coordination
  • Event Collateral (Programs, Invitations, videos, slideshows, etc.)
  • Event Logistics and Timeline
  • Live, Silent, and Fund-a-Need Auction Management
  • Post-Event Follow-up
  • Registration Management
  • Stage Production Management
  • Temp & Volunteer Management
  • Venue and Vendor Research, Negotiation and Management

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